Super Scary Story.

Before I tell you this story, there are some things you should know. I can;t spell very well so oyu r giong to haf to supher.
Also, very important: I will start to say something and just go off into something else that makes no sense wutsoevur.

Ok, here is the super scary story.............

(your giong to haff to skrol down a lot.)

Once upon of time there was a kid named (enter your name here). He/she was so ugly that whenevur someone looked at them, they dide. So, they were konsiderd mass killers, and whenevur tha poleese saw them, they tried to kill them. Does that make enny sense at all? Oops, I wasnt supposd to poot that. Well, Oh well. Well, back to the story I very well suggest. Oops I talked off intoo nowere didnt I? Oh well I do that a lot. Back too the story.
Then the evil kreecher from hades was about to throw the innocent little seven year old into the fire, he got shot by the EKTKOCTTAKT(Evil kreechers throwing kids of cliffs to try and kill them) shot him from behind.
THE END...or is it?
Here is another super extra very long story that you have to read!!!!!
the kite of the bolivian portugese women's uncle's aunt's twice removed cousin's nephew got stuck in a tree and then the cat died of being spelled cat, and the gopher tha lived in the johnson's backyard dug a hole to china, (and kids, don't evar try to do that), and ran into a dragon at the new years parade and tried to run away but then the dragon killed him and then he came to a big, fat,

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